With the built-in E-approved reflectors and wide angle optics, the SL600 ensures optimum visibility in the traffic. The wide angle optics cast the light at 180° for maximum spread and even better visibility in the traffic from all angles. The bike light is distinguished by its sleek and minimalist design.

The cable between the bike light and the dynamo can easily be rolled to the right length.

The bike light produces its own environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the bike light and magnets on the bicycle spokes – completely without the use of batteries.

The bike light is permanently mounted so you always have it with you. The light is always on whenever you cycle, which makes you extra safe in the traffic – day and night. Magnet-powered bike lights mean no more flat batteries, no forgotten bike lights, no friction when you cycle – just lights which are always on.

The SL600 lights can be combined with lights from the SL500 and SL600 series.


Always on – always safe
No batteries required
The light modes:
Flash: Flashes when you cycle SL600 & SL601
Flash-back up: Flashes when you cycle and continues flashing when you stop SL620 & SL621
Constant: Lights constantly when you cycle SL650 & SL651
Auto on/off
Mounted on fork crown
Fixed mounting
E-approved reflector
No friction