SL100 series is a smart little bike light with bright clear illumination that makes you stand out in the traffic.

In 2004-2005, Aalborg University and the city of Odense conducted a major study to find out whether mounting daylight riding lights boosted cyclists’ traffic safety and sense of confidence. Half of the cyclists cycled with SL100 lights fitted while the other half cycled with their normal lights and lamps. The study showed that daylight riding lights can reduce the number of accidents by 32% while increasing cyclists’ sense of security by 85%. The study contributed to a change in Danish legislation whereby flashing bike lights became legal in 2005.

Mounting the bike lights is quick and easy. The bike lights are mounted on the hub and are designed for all bikes with V-brakes and coaster brakes. Bicycles with roller brakes or disc brakes should be fitted with the Reelight SL200 bike lights.

The light output corresponds to an ordinary battery lamp with fresh batteries.The bike light produces its own environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the bike light and magnets on the bicycle spokes – completely without the use of batteries.

The bike lights are permanently mounted, so you always have them with you. The lights are always on whenever you cycle, which makes you extra safe in the traffic – day and night. Magnet-powered bike lights mean no more flat batteries, no forgotten bike lights, no friction when you cycle – just lights which are always on.


Always on – always safe
Reduces accidents by 32%
No batteries required
The light modes:
Flash: Flashes while you cycle SL100
Flash with back-up: Flashes while you cycle and continues to flash when you stop SL120
Constant: Lights constantly when you cycle SL150
Auto on/off
Quick and easy hub mounting
Fixed mounting
No friction
For all bikes with V-breaks or coaster brakes